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Design your Leporello to show your works or memories in a different way. The Leporello is an effective way to create a simple photo book which, if desired, can also be placed on a table or shelf vertically to show its contents.

What is a Leporello?

It is a particular type of book where the pages are joined together like an accordion. This way the book can be browsed normally or opened completely to view all the photos. This Leporello is printed both front and back on Fine Art paper to make it an even more refined and quality object.

Format : square 15×15 cm

Cover : hard with personalized Debossing writing . The letters will be marked on the cover with a nice tactile effect. This is not about engraving but real Debossing with movable type.

Prints : 10 photos printed on Canson Rag Photographique Fine Art paper.


Select the color and text for the cover (it can be a name, two names or a sentence of two or three lines), place the order and download the Photoshop or Indesign templates to quickly start with the design of your Leporello. The template indicates which will be the first page and which images will go to the front and back. Make your choices also changing the layout but keeping the external dimensions. Insert the images where requested and send the files with wetransfer or Dropbox for printing indicating your name and order number. Fine Art Printed will take care of printing it, binding it and creating the cover.

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