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What is a Fine Art Print?

A Fine Art print can be distinguished from “normal” digital prints due to its high quality characteristics, its durability and the use of high quality print media. Fine Art printing is the best way to enhance the works and reach the quality level necessary for exhibitions and shows as well as for portfolios and images to be kept for a long time. To learn more, read here .

INSTRUCTIONS to calculate the quote and send an order

If you want to choose from the main photo sizes, select: Standard Options.
By choosing the standard options you will have the possibility to choose between predefined sizes the print area. All prints will have a 1 cm border outside the print area.
If you want to use custom sizes or access additional services (protective spray, frames, passepartout, panel mounting, size or removal of the white border, certificate of authenticity, etc.), select: Advanced Options .
It is advisable to upload files of less than 100 MB to the server and to send larger files via Wetransfer.



Matt Papers:

Photo Rag 308gsm : 100% Cotton Paper, White, Smooth, Matte, weight: 308gsm, brand: Hahnemühle info

Photo Rag Bright White 310gsm : 100% Cotton Paper, Bright White, Smooth, Matte, weight: 310gsm, Brand: Hahnemühle info

Bamboo 290gsm : Paper 90% Bamboo fiber – 10% Cotton, natural white, Smooth, Matte, weight: 290 gsm, brand: Hahnemühle info

Rag Photographique 210gsm : 100% Cotton Paper, White, Smooth, OBA free, Weight: 210 gsm, Brand: Canson

Glossy Papers:

Photo Rag Satin 310gsm: 100% Cotton Paper, White, Smooth, Satin finish, weight: 310gsm, Brand: Hahnemühle info

Fine Art Pearl 285gsm : 100% α-Cellulose Paper, Bright White, Smooth, Pearl finish, weight: 285gsm, brand: Hahnemühle info

Fine Art Baryta 325gsm : 100% α-Cellulose Paper, Bright White, Smooth, Glossy, weight: 325gsm, brand: Hahnemühle info

Photo Rag Baryta 315gsm : 100% Cotton Paper, White, Smooth, Glossy, weight: 315gsm, brand: Hahnemühle info

Photo Rag Pearl 320gsm : 100% Cotton Paper, White, Smooth, Pearl finish, weight: 320gsm, Brand: Hahnemühle info

Photo Rag Metallic 340gsm : 100% Cotton Paper, White, Smooth, Metallic glossy finish, weight: 340gsm, Brand: Hahnemühle

Platine Fiber Rag 310gsm : 100% Cotton Paper, White, Smooth, Glossy, OBA-free, weight: 310 gsm, Brand: Canson

Baryta Photographique 310gsm : 100% α-Cellulose Paper, White, Smooth, Glossy, moderate OBA, weight: 310 gsm, Brand: Canson


Museum Etching 350gsm : 100% Cotton Paper, Natural White, rough surface, matte finish, weight: 350gsm, Brand: Hahnemühle info


White Point:

Fine papers can have very different white points: 100% cotton papers generally have a warmer white point than others. We therefore go from natural white papers, to white papers, to brilliant white papers, gradually increasing the degree of white. Bright White papers most likely use optical brighteners (OBAs).


Hahnemühle Protective Spray:

Hahnemühle Protective Spray offers incredible protection for fine art printing. This odorless spray seals printed surfaces and protects them from dust, fingerprints and moisture. Increases water resistance and protects image prints from fading caused by UV rays. The protective spray is quick to dry and does not yellow. It is completely transparent and has no influence on the original colors of the paper.


Custom Frame:

All the Frames are handmade with high quality materials. You can choose based on your likes and will between a wide range of mouldings available. For example, you can choose between inserting a passepartout with glass, frame with panel, perhaps with a spacer to increase the cassette effect, or eliminate the glass and mount the open panel with an L-shaped frame. The options are many and able to satisfy every type of need.



The personalized passepartouts prepared by Fine Art Printed are created from museum cardboard produced with the best 100% cotton fibers and meet the strict specifications of the Fine Art Trade Guild and PPFA *** (1st class) for 100% cotton museum cardboard.


Types of Glass:

There are several types of glass available for your frames.

Classic The classic frame glass that is classically used in everyday frames.

Tru Vue UltraVue UV70. An anti-reflective glass with 70% grade UV protection An excellent choice for situations with possible light reflections and with partial UV protection.

Tru Vue Museum Glass. The top of the glass range. Anti-glare and HIGH UV protection It can be used to preserve your works for a very long time with maximum protection.

Tru Vue Conservation Clear UV99. A glass with 99% UV protection to preserve your works for a long time.


Authenticity certificate:

The certificate is a certification of the quality of the processes and materials by the laboratory. It can also be filled in with data of the author and of the works, making it a certificate of authenticity with the possibility of indicating a limited edition. Depending on the chosen paper, different certificates will be used. The Fine Art Printed laboratory is a Canson Infinity Certified Print Lab and by choosing papers Canson will issue the certificate with dry stamp. By choosing Hahnemühle papers will be used the certificate with holographic sticker.


Prices are VAT included.


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